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Customer Acquisition

Find new ways to acquire new customers, increase conversion, and grow your customer file. Learn More

Customer Retention

Keep your current customers coming back for more. Bring customers back to your website after they browsed or place an item in their cart Learn More

Campaign Planning and Execution

Optimize your Direct Mail, Catalog, Telemarketing, Social Targeting, and Email campaigns by selecting the most responsive customers first and maximizing your return on ad spend Learn More

Testing and Analytics

Learn more about your customers through testing and analytics. Learn what does and doesn’t work by implementing effective testing and analytics. Learn More

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What is Boundaryless Marketing?

Boundaryless Marketing: A singular view of the customer that focuses on serving their needs the best way possible, regardless of how the customer, you, or the brand, interact. Marketing is not bound by channels, but is boundaryless in it’s approach to the customer.

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The Boundaryless Marketing Approach

Boundaryless Marketing is different. It is not Omni-channel Marketing. It is not Integrated Marketing. It is not the siloed marketing that exists so much of the time. It is not the fractured communications that customers receive. So what is Boundaryless Marketing? It is a unified customer-centric approach to marketing that focuses on the customer, not on the individual marketing channels. When all of marketing focuses on the customer’s benefit, the customer is served and has a great experience. Focusing on anything other than the customer’s needs will result in self-serving marketing silos and inconsistent marketing communications.  learn more

What we bring to the table

With over 5 years of experience on the customer marketing team at Harry & David, and over one year serving Talbots’ direct marketing needs, customer acquisition and retention are foundational to everything we do. This experience has been invaluable in helping us develop unique perspectives that serve our clients in their pursuit of growth and customer-centric marketing. Customer experience is tantamount to success! Whether your business is large or small, we are dedicated to helping your business grow and thrive! We specialize in doing real hands on marketing for businesses needing support in various marketing functions. From developing a marketing strategy to running a social media marketing campaign, we are here to get the job done, no matter what, so you can be successful! If we don’t have the direct expertise needed for a particular function, we will connect you with someone who does. Schedule a free initial consultation today.  learn more

Customer Acquisition and Retention

We can help you acquire new customers, and keep those customers. After all the hard work and money spent to bring that new customer to your website, it is a shame for them to just bounce off or abandon a cart. Contact us to discover ways to get those customers back on your website and increase the conversion of your prospecting efforts. How do you keep more of your customers coming back for more? How do you get a customer back after they left the website or cart without making a purchase? We’re excited to talk with you about your unique customers and business model to discover ways to increase your conversion rates and keep your customers coming back.  learn more

Other Services

Some of the other areas where we can provide full support include:
  • Planning, analyzing, and executing marketing campaigns
  • Customer acquisition through list procurement
  • Customer retention through modeling and optimized name selections for marketing campaigns
  • Campaign development and execution using various tools including SAS Customer Intelligence Studio, Redpoint, or IBM Unica
  • Data Analytics and campaign testing
  • Catalog and direct mail support
  • Telemarketing campaign support
  • Media advertising including print, radio, and TV sources
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Campaign Planning, Analytics, and Execution

Our expertise includes optimizing marketing campaigns to select names that are profitable, thereby balancing spend and revenue to achieve optimal growth. We use a variety of tools, including SAS Customer Intelligence Studio and Redpoint Global, to assist in name selections for Email, Catalog, Direct Mail, Telemarketing, Social Targeting, and other campaigns.

We have executed hundreds of marketing campaigns over the years, with well over 350 million individual communications and counting, serving such companies as Harry & David and Talbots. We have developed complex planning models to help determine optimal circulation depths for various direct mail and catalog campaigns, and have performed testing and analytics to further optimize those campaigns. Through direct mail campaigns, we have increased conversion of website browse and cart abandons by 20-40% over a comparable holdout group. With targeting optimization, we have increased revenue from telemarketing efforts by over 300% over a two year period. These are just a couple of examples of what we’d love to accomplish for your business. Schedule your FREE Initial Consultation Today

Testing and Analytics

Test, test, test…but test wisely and efficiently. How do you get the most out of your testing without spending a fortune? Let’s discuss.

We have performed many types of testing including offer testing, contact cadence testing, and attribution testing. All testing requires great analytics. Let us help you discover more about your customers, what marketing works for them, and what doesn’t work at all. Through testing and analytics, we can discover together the optimal levels of marketing investments in each channel, all while focusing on serving the customer first and foremost. Schedule your FREE initial consultation today

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Jedidiah McCampbell

Marketing Consultant and CEO

I help businesses grow and thrive. My passion is helping people maximize their potential through transformation and improvement! I do that as a marketing and business professional through coaching and consulting. My experience includes manipulating, analyzing, and presenting data in a digestible format to leverage the benefits of data. Using data to market a product or service enables a consistent personalized experience for the customer. I endeavor to compile and analyze marketing and customer data to realize patterns and actionable insights to fuel data-driven marketing and business decisions. As a leader, I have strong organizational skills and attention to detail. I enjoy converting vision and ideas into reality, whether I’m helping you, a team, or converting my own. With experience working for Harry & David and Talbots, I have enjoyed converting data into marketing campaigns that reach both potential and existing customers, and in turn, produce a profit for the business. When I’m not in the data or a marketing campaign, I enjoy spending time with my growing family, hiking, and enjoying life in southern Oregon!